Sunday, March 23, 2008

EPIC: We Were Small (1)

For the current project in one of my classes, we all made up a list of words, put them in a hat, and each drew one out. I drew "tranquility" but wasn't feeling it, and REALLY wanted "epic." I managed to make a trade for it, hoorah!

Well, word drawn and all, the rest of the assignment consists of taking at least 24 photographs to represent this word. While it seems a lot of my classmates are favoring the idea of random images that interpret the word, I had a clear idea in my head before we even drew the words from the hat. Thus the reason I wanted "epic" so badly.

Since the final format of this is supposed to be a "book" of some sort, I decided it would be fun to make a semi-narrative. I intend to carry these little guys and others I collected for the project, who are less than an inch tall, around with me for a week or two, putting them in situations which are, for them, epic. But it's also meant to contrast them with the big bad world, ours, huge and seemingly absurd, and to find funny new interpretations of common scenes we take for granted. Mostly, I wanted to have fun, push the project with humor, and make something that I, or my friends or sisters, could enjoy after it was done.

I took this particular one at the local mall at the indoor "pond" that is just a glorified fountain in the center of the place. I took others there as well, but those will come later. It drew a bit of a crowd, I guess because people couldn't see what I was photographing and then when they could they couldn't figure out why. I can't tell you how many times over the course of the shooting I did there I was asked "what are those?" and "did you make those?" and "is this for one of the stores?"

...I could get a real kick out of making an ad campaign of some sort out of these for the mall. I once worked there for a while in a bookstore, and they insisted on employees calling it
a "retail resort." Yeahhh...MALL MALL MALL MALL MALL. Neener neener.

So how do you like my title? Haha.

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Tam said...

Snicker. Epic <3

Minis: The world! It is huge!!...Wheres the icecream >>"