Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I was yelled at to update.

I have been...not here? Heh. Well anyway, "someone" yelled at me to update this thing, so...I'm going to do so in the worst way.

The following are a bunch of images which I shall blithely neglect to explain in any manner. Suffice to say, instead, that they are things I have drawn and/or been working on for some project or other for the last couple months. Many of them are incomplete thus far. SO THERE.

Chestnut copyright © Gaia Gandolfo
Unavisi concept and project copyright © Brianne Goetz

Lion copyright © Ruth Collins
Unavisi concept and project copyright © Brianne Goetz

Raven copyright © Elle Skinner

Timber copyright © Marissa S. Pittman

Grace Black copyright © Julie Davis

Aidan copyright © Amy

The following are images done as personal projects or as portions of work-in-progress commissions...