Monday, September 29, 2008

You would think being an arts major would mean more art, but...

I haven't had much time to draw stuff lately. At least, not digitally. Classwork is consuming my soul and it's starting to take a toll. Sometimes, when I haven't gotten to work on personal projects for an extended amount of time, I lose brain power. I start to do poorly in classes.

Luckily, I have one class this semester that lets me draw almost whatever I want, whenever I want, for a grade. But unluckily, I don't own a scanner and so I have a hard time getting access to one long enough to scan things to show here. Ah...well.

I sure hope I can find time to do ME stuff soon, especially working on Aboideau, because I miss it very much and it's occupying my brainmeat heavily.

In the meantime, here's a quick doodle done of Angelcita/Angie last night when I couldn't think anymore to work on my synthesis paper for a class. I've been meaning to revamp Angelcita's portrait for a while, since the previous one is so outdated that it's not even accurate to her existence in Aboideau anymore. Whoops?