Monday, November 3, 2008

The Barn: Idiom #1 (wip 3)

I had a few minutes to work on stuff in this. In Premiere. TAKE THAT, FINAL CUT. Neener neener! Anyway, now with sound effects, woo!

With thanks to users from The Free Sound Project:
Foresty nature sounds --- dobroide
Creaky door sound --- HerbertBoland
Silly scream sound --- Lithe-Fider
Flapping paper sound --- cfork

I still need to push it another 8 or so seconds, and come up with three more 30 second clips, and yeah. Um. 'kay. (Um, excuse my lousy editing, I'm basically having to teach myself here and it's all new to me.)


Tam said...

Looks good so far, and listen..


Kate said...

Youuuu suck, Tam. XP <3