Sunday, January 25, 2009

What would you scientifically name a fairy?

I know, I know. Fairies. You're making that "seriously, Kate?" face right now, I can just feeeeeeeel it.

But nevertheless, back in the day, I had a pet chameleon and a large reptarium set up for him. That is, a terrarium of sorts designed for reptiles which cannot be kept in glass cages due to temperature and humidity concerns. During that time, I got the idea in my head of drawing a vivarium of some sort...for fairies.

In my head, the image involves a sign, such as you'd see in a zoo or other exhibit, naming the species contained in the vivarium and describing them a little. And within it would be active little folk, flying or tumbling or just lounging about. Whatever. I imagine at least five individuals within the vivarium.

I might want to include a human, observing.

Anyway, I'd completely forgotten the project for the last few years. Today, while cleaning up my files for a minute, I found it again and was amused. I thought I'd share here the old sketches... One is of a vivarium, but I think I was just practicing.

I was apparently studying the posture of divers for an idea of the agile flight poses of the fairies. Good idea, self. Maybe this is worth revisiting at some point.