Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Lemon drops revisited step 1...

I totally just realized -- out of the blue for no apparent reason -- what it was about this image that made me nuts. Look! See the shadows? There are shadows cast by the lemon drops, but not by licker dude! This is totally not cool. lol No wonder I couldn't stand looking at it and it made me uncomfortable. I can't believe nobody pointed it out during critique way back then! Actually, I have a lot of ideas for how to vastly improve it, but it would require starting over from scratch...

--Move his face closer to the lemon drops so that it interrupts the field of them, his tongue is almost touching one, perhaps hair is pushed up against some.
--Bend his tongue more. It looks like a cow's right now.
--Have him cast a shadow.
--The mango-colored shit-tastic hoodie has to go. Perhaps a plain t-shirt instead, dark colors.
--Do the "troubles" as if they were embossed in the lemon drops instead of as black transfers.

...probably need to just do this in digital. lol

Now that I know what's missing I can envision how it would look if I fixed it all. I will have to do it later though (see: eventually) because tomorrow I have a theory examohgodohgod.