Wednesday, March 26, 2008

To plot, to plan, but when's it pan?

I am incredibly prone to planning images that never get finished. It's a fault and a frustration. I thought though, that I'd share a couple of the planning sketches for pieces I want very badly to finish for myself someday.

This one is of three Unavisi characters. The Unavisi are a concept belonging to Brianne Goetz ( &, a dear friend. The guy playing the clown is my boy Mac (aka Macadamien). The other fellow, Kopek, and the little boy Huckleberry are Mac's kinda-sorta-buddy-family of a kind, and copyright Mel Miller ( &

This one was a plan for an image of a character of mine, Angelcita Black, and another character who shall remain anonymous for the time being but is obviously a child. I struggled with plotting the positioning for Angie's wings. Angie is a character from Aboideau, an ongoing personal project I share with Tamara Williamson ( Hoorah, pat-a-cake!

Ah, that's all for now because I'm half-asleep.

Er, obviously these are digital sketches. Done in Photoshop CS with a Wacom tablet. Yeehaw.