Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh my darlin', oh my darlin'...

...oh my daaaarlin' Clementiiiine. Hehe. Morbid song, that'un. Well, either how. One of my Unavisi characters is Clementine. Here's some art farts of her.

Designing Clem's getup was a blast. We have all sortsa influences there. Ten points if you can find and name 'em all!

There are no firearms in the Unavisi world, per design of Brianne, who owns the Unavisi concept, so coming up with a suitable alternative for Clem meant bullshittin' with the idea of a crossbow-rifle and making it look MORE like a .22 rifle. I didn't study the physics of crossbows quite as much as I maybe should have before drawing it, and it shows. Ah, well. Live some, learn some.

Now, as to Clem's face, well. I've pictured her for a couple years (only got to draw her recently) as resembling actress Kate Hudson in terms of facial structure...if little else.

So yup! Clementine is copyright me, Kate NY. The Unavisi concept and overall design is copyright Brianne Goetz ( &

Media used: Photoshop CS and Wacom Intuos3 tablet and Wacom Graphire4 tablet.