Friday, March 28, 2008

EPIC: We Were Small (2)

Another image from my EPIC: We Were Small book. This one was taken in a Footlocker store at the mall. The guys there seemed quite bewildered about what I was asking them for permission to do. Normally, stores are very adamant there about cameras staying out. I have been threatened by a security dude there once because he thought I was photographing window displays. Lucky me, with my talent for talking my way in and out of almost everything.

Anyway, the Footlocker boys were polite and very amused watching me set my figure up and then my macro to take the photo. It took several tries to get what I wanted, this strange parody of a climbing wall or a monument. 2 for $89.99.

Some editing was necessary, as there were some unfortunate bars disrupting the scale contrast in the bottom right. I think I got them all out fairly well.