Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where troubles melt like lemon drops (sketch)...

Okay, I might have an opportunity to execute a concept that's been vaguely floating in my head. Granted, not the way I wanted to do it, since the assignment parameters won't allow that, but still!

This here is the 5" 'thumbnail' sketch I worked out in my sketchbook during class to help plot the composition. It'll be 12" tall, maybe 14" long? I don't know yet, I'll figure that out.

The lemon drops will have to extend a bit toward the lower part of the image the way they do toward the upper as well, I think. They also need to go further into the bg. It was just a small sketch and I didn't have an eraser, hehe.

I'm thinking I'll do the image in chalk pastel, frisket saving the spots for the text because we're required to do text transfer for this assignment. I'll just work the pastel in over the text once it's added. I haven't picked a font yet.

Basically, there's going to be "troubles" on some of the lemon drops. Things like: hate, war, disease, shame, pain, fear, jealousy, poverty, hunger, slavery, famine, prejudice, regret, guilt...

I'm not sure yet which words to use, since only so many can work with the image. I'm also not really entirely certain what font to use.

Thoughts, y'all?