Saturday, May 17, 2008

A little bit of photo-stop-animation music video thingamajig, anyone?

Hey, who remembers the "cocaine" project? Nobody? Right. Well! it is. Partly. Sort of. So here's a...sort of like a music video, I guess. At some point, I want to finish the rest of the song out properly, since Sia is a wonderful brand of ridiculous and may pimp it in some way, which would be great for my resume. >_> (Edit note 6/1/08: I totally just left a message for her with a link to my blog so she could see the vid if she wanted to and oh crap, that sounded so embarrassing now so I put a strike through it because altogether removing it would make me a coward!)

-- Thanks to Zodi for finding the MonkeyJam program when I panicked about how to pull it all together properly.
-- Uber thanks to Peta and Vicki for staying up late to help me try to finish this at one point. Though I didn't use your words in the end (since I had time to shoot them myself after that), you girls kept me from panicking and giving up. <333
-- Thanks to my baby sister and to the semi-adopted sister Kim for help with writing a few words.
-- Thanks to all y'all who've been listening to me go slightly insane doing this for the last week or two

Baking soda, table salt for the fake "cocaine" mixture.
Two nylon paintbrushes and two straight razor blades to move the powder mixture around.
Black boards stolen from a couple of my art storage pockets.
My dear and lovely Casio Exilim digital camera.
PLiska Image Resizer to resize all my photographs to a more manageable size in one big batch.
"The Girl You Lost to Cocaine" by Sia (note: no permission gained)
Audacity to edit the song to a shorter length and to measure the length of each word.
MonkeyJam to piece together some 600 frames in match with the audio track.

(Note: the three above-mentioned programs are all freeware. Try 'em!)