Friday, October 17, 2008

The full flourfy...

Aaaand here is the full "flourfy" image! Custom brush used to create the border pattern.

A commission for a wedding reception table centerpiece, done for my dear friend Zodi, who got married October 4th. I am very happy for her and wish I could have made it, but money and school prevented that. Regardless, she had a good wedding to a good man, and that makes me happy.

Zodi loves birds, and long-tailed hummingbirds are high on her list. Instead of the traditional rice toss, she had people blowing on bird whistles.

This is quite possibly the corniest thing I've ever drawn, and almost embarrassing for a somewhat-tomboy like me. But because I love my girl, I am putting this up!

Love, Zo! Don't go running off with any sexy Italians on your honeymoon!