Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ugh...stop it, whim-OCD-brain...

I have redrawn this a billion times since it was started a billion ages ago. I need to stop doing that and just finish it.
But I can't. I want it to look good, so help me! It is a problem, this obsession with things looking good...looking RIGHT. Lee and I give each other a hard time on it now and then.

Sometimes, when I'm drawing, I suddenly develop what I call artist's tourrete's: I cuss like crazy, for no apparent reason, even though I'm enjoying the drawing. This seems to come out more when I am redrawing something than when I have drawn it for the first time. Consequently, this drawing has earned more collective profanities than any other! Woo!

1 comment:

L. Mynatt said...

Well it is looking VERY good so far. I like the detail on his ear particularly and damn that's a lot of hair. Hon, I know you like it in the hair but just don't end up drawing each strand eventually, mmmkay?