Saturday, December 6, 2008

Come on, get faster...

I have been stuck in bed a lot the last couple days, and have done a looooot of homework. For a couple hours though, when I'd accomplished a lot and needed a break to keep from going hysterical, I decided to do character drawing exercises instead. I really want to get faster with my drawing of recognizable characters. In my opinion, I'm still way too slow. Part of the process, I think, has been cutting back on my realism. I love my pseudo-realism style, but it just takes too long. So finding a happy place between that style and a more cartoony one is probably the only way I can get faster AND not hate my own art. Heh.


Angie, from Aboideau
Cade, from Aboideau
Nutmeg, from Unavisi
Rue, from Aboideau
Kabur, from Unavisi

To see more Aboideau, check out the Aboidoodles blog! It and the characters therein belong to myself and to my partner-in-crime Tamara W.

To see more Unavisi, go to deviantART and do a search. The Unavisi are an invite-only creative project/race designed and belonging to Brianne Goetz. I was lucky to get an invite as a friend.