Thursday, May 7, 2009

My art is trying to kill me...

I have been struggling with ideas for my final project for my Drawing III class for a couple weeks now. Tonight, finally, in a panic stage of going over the fallback ideas (re-using one of my sketches from last semester into something more finished quality, for example) I finally realized something: my panic and feeling of being at war with my own art is the idea.

So here's a very rapid, unfinished, vague and possibly unintelligible digital sketch I did real quick to help me make sure the idea was there in my head and not an illusion, and to keep me from forgetting because I'm about to conk out from exhaustion again.

I am thinking that the blue-gray section at the top won't actually be canvas. I'll cut it off so that the arms leave the image, much like I did the jellyfish back in the day. The bottom of the image would have other art tools/instruments/supplies sticking up like menacing spikes of artistic DOOM/death. Like one of those pits full of spikes. What're they called? Oh! A trou de loup, aka "tiger pit."

I am thinking chalk pastel on a mostly white background, something textural. Hm. I'll have to swing by Guiry's on Friday, molest the supplies and see what I can get a feel for.

More on this as the week/weekend progresses. Wish me luck!