Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My art is trying to kill me (FINAL version)...

I'm a lame-o! lol I got so stressed out during finals that I completely failed to update this blog. Then summer obligations and courses began and I got distracted. Of course, Aboidoodles has been getting some posting lately, but nevertheless, I owe my own blog a little attention, don't I?

Well, here's a photograph of the final version of the project I did for my Drawing 3 final.

Unfortunately, I have only a silly digital camera and am not a great photographer, so this photo really doesn't show much of the dimension or color quality that the actual piece does in life. Those are actual paintbrushes and pencils in there. The underdrawing is done in chalk pastel (aka "soft" pastel), sometimes with wet paintbrushes to texture it or move it around. The red and blue madness is acrylic with gel medium, applied via palette knife. I also utilized a couple of hairdryers, a fan, and the bright morning sun to get the paint to dry fast enough to take it to class. Yeehaw!

Regardless, I'm satisfied with it, even if it is not the way I originally envisioned. There was actually a version prior to this which was pretty much finished and fantastic and just the way I'd envisioned... But I dropped a bottle of turpentine on it, and it got totaled. I redid the whole thing, as you see here, the night and morning a few hours before final critique. I went to critique sleepless and very much of the opinion that I no longer gave a shit what others thought. I was exhausted. lol

I got an A for the course.

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