Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Timmy Has Left the Nest"

Way back in November of '08, several people around the world participated as voice actors in the sequel to "The Birds Are Honest," a ridiculous little video/animation I made involving bird skeletons. Both videos were separate assignments for the video art class I was taking at the time and, unfortunately, I ran out of time to finish the sequel in the way it was planned in the storyboards the actors used as script. I think all of the voice actors have since seen the video that came of it anyway, but somehow I never got around to posting it here. Oops? In any case, here it is!

(Note: if the video doesn't work for you, try
back in an hour. Dunno why it does that.)

Timmy --- voiced by Kat Bongard
Wagner --- voiced by Maureen Babb
La Rouge --- voiced by "Grumpy" Bongard
Crunching leaves sounds --- The Free Sound Project user: HerbertBoland
Nocturnal nature sounds --- The Free Sound Project user: laurent
Gong sound (before manipulation) --- The Free Sound Project user: Incarnadine
Bird and fox skeletons --- courtesy of Denver Museum of Nature & Science (photographed by Kate N.Y., me)

(By the way, since a few people now have been confused by this, Timmy is voiced by Kat Bongard, not me! I'm Kate, she's Kat. She's e-less! I did no voice acting because my microphone was simply never clear enough. Bah humbug...)

Bonus material!
A couple of outtakes tracks. This is what happens when you give Bongards permission to use microphones and funny voices, apparently!

"Bongard Stylings" Outtakes (1:34):

The Baguettes Outtakes (0:21):

...I still plan on finishing it out a bit more at some point. You guys should jab me in the eyeball if I forget again!


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Oh Kat. I do love you so. Ahahahahhahaahahahaahah. Also Maureen <3 best voices ever. XD